Paul Walkerโ€™s Daughter Sues Porsche [VIDEO]

Paul Walkerโ€™s 16-year-old daughter has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against luxury carmaker Porsche on behalf of her father, TMZ reported Monday. The late movie star died in a high-speed car crash in November 2014 while riding in the passenger seat of Porsche Carrera GT. His friend Roger Rodas was driving and both died in the collision. The lawsuit reportedly claims the car, marketed as a street-legal race car, was not equipped with a proper stability-control system and safeguards to protect passengers and prevent the vehicle from catching fire after a crash. The suit allegedly claims his seatbelt โ€œsnapped Walkerโ€™s torso back with thousands of pounds of force, thereby breaking his ribs and pelvis,โ€ TMZ reports. The lawsuit does not include a figure on damages sought. The daughter, Meadow Walker, has not commented.