Teen Kills Mother After Watching VIDEOS Of ISIS Murders

A Danish mother was stabbed to death by her teenage daughter and her daughter’s Iraqi boyfriend after the pair repeatedly watched videos of brutal Islamic State murders.

Lisa Borch was 15 when she carried out the murder with her 28-year-old boyfriend, Mohammed Bakhtiar Abdullah, because they were angry at her mother’s attempts to end their relationship.

Videos of Isis beheadings were found to have been watched numerous times on Abdullah’s laptop in the days leading up to the stabbing, along with internet searches for “what happens after parents have died”.

The court in Hjorring, a town on the northern tip of the Jutland, heard that both defendants used the computer. Borch had keys to Abdullah’s apartment and shared the laptop. “This was a murder committed against a defenceless victim, who was asleep in her home,” said Karina Skou, the prosecutor.