Police Used ‘Blatant Excessive Force’ On Tennis Star James Blake [VIDEO]

James Blake, the former world No4 tennis player, who says he was wrongfully detained and wrestled to the ground by police in New York on Wednesday, wants an apology from the NYPD.

Blake said the incident had been a case of excessive force by the police. “I probably even wouldn’t be so indignant about it, it if it wasn’t so obvious. It was so blatant,” Blake told Good Morning America on Thursday. “I was standing there doing nothing, not running, not resisting, in fact, smiling.”

The police had been investigating a case of identity theft and had mistook Blake for a suspect. Although Blake was released after being handcuffed, the former player says the officer who had wrestled him to the ground did not apologize. “I’d like an apology,” Blake said. “We all need to be accountable for our actions, police as well.” Blake said he was left with cuts and bruises after the incident.