Trevor Noah Mocks Ben Carson-Kanye West [VIDEO]

Daily Show new host Trevor Noah took on what he called the latest political β€œpanderdemic” on Tuesday, saying that neither Ben Carson nor rapper Kanye West know who they’re trying to win over by gushing over one another.

β€œKanye, man, do your research β€” you can’t just look for the black guy,” Noah said. β€œYou’re picking a president, not who’s on your basketball team.”

Noah also played an audio clip of Carson, who has outpaced expectations in the GOP presidential field, saying that hip-hop was causing black communities to β€œcontinue to deteriorate.”

β€œI’m sure Dr. Ben Carson can find something he likes about hip-hop,” the host continued. β€œFor example, the rampant homophobia. See? You guys have more in common than you think β€” no homo.”