Hillary Told Colbert How She Binge-Watches “The Good Wife” [VIDEO]

Clinton joked, β€œIt’s my first visit to the Cathedral of Colbert!”. When Colbert asked about her recent birthday, she tell us about how she and Bill finally caught up on the Netflix series β€œHouse of Cards.” Her other favorite shows include β€œThe Good Wife” and β€œMadam Secretary,” which features Tea Leoni as the Secretary of State of the United States. Clinton mentioned she saw former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on the show a few weeks ago playing herself in the show.

β€œAre you jealous?” Colbert asked.

β€œA little,” Clinton joked.

Colbert then offered to call some people β€œover there” because he knows some folks who might let her do a guest appearance. But Clinton said she would likely have to wait to do it, β€œmaybe after November of next year.”

Clinton acknowledged that in previous conversations Colbert was in his β€œalter ego” when he did interviews. Colbert said that this felt like the first time truly having a conversation with Clinton, because on β€œThe Colbert Report” he didn’t much care for her.

β€œWell, I can say it now,” Clinton said, β€œit was mutual,” and the two shook hands and laughed.