Hillary Told Colbert How She Binge-Watches “The Good Wife” [VIDEO]

Clinton joked, “It’s my first visit to the Cathedral of Colbert!”. When Colbert asked about her recent birthday, she tell us about how she and Bill finally caught up on the Netflix series “House of Cards.” Her other favorite shows include “The Good Wife” and “Madam Secretary,” which features Tea Leoni as the Secretary of State of the United States. Clinton mentioned she saw former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on the show a few weeks ago playing herself in the show.

“Are you jealous?” Colbert asked.

“A little,” Clinton joked.

Colbert then offered to call some people “over there” because he knows some folks who might let her do a guest appearance. But Clinton said she would likely have to wait to do it, “maybe after November of next year.”

Clinton acknowledged that in previous conversations Colbert was in his “alter ego” when he did interviews. Colbert said that this felt like the first time truly having a conversation with Clinton, because on “The Colbert Report” he didn’t much care for her.

“Well, I can say it now,” Clinton said, “it was mutual,” and the two shook hands and laughed.