Hillary Clinton Leads 2016 Field with $33M Cash [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton raised and spent more than any other 2016 presidential candidate for the second straight quarter and ended September with $33 million in cash on hand. No other Democratic or Republican candidate has stockpiled as much money as Clinton has for the race. The Democratic presidential frontrunner’s campaign brought in $29.5 million in the third quarter, but also burned through $25.8 million during the same period. One of Clinton’s largest expenses during the third quarter was staff, spending roughly $8.5 million for salaries and payroll taxes. Bernie Sanders was close behind with $27.1 million in cash reserves. Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson led the GOP field in overall fundraising, collecting more than $20 million between July and September. Republican candidate Donald Trump spent more on hats, bumper stickers, yard signs, and T-shirts than any other category. Trump’s top expenses included $825,000 on his gear and $700,000 for flights on his personal 757 jet.