Rachel Maddow And Trevor Noah Talks GOP Runners & More [VIDEO]

Trevor Noah asked Rachel Maddow some harsh questions Thursday night, that Maddow found nearly impossible to answer.

“If you had to vote for one of the Republican candidates, if someone held a gun to your head because Ben Carson said (to) point it that way, who would you vote for if you had to vote for one of the main 12?” Noah asked.

“Uh, I’m having back pain,” Maddow finally said, after an exaggerated pause. “I think I — I honestly don’t know.”

“Can I modify, can I squirrel out of the question by modifying it?” she said, after another pause. “If I were a Republican and I wanted to pick the best candidate for the general election, the person who would have the best chance against, probably, Hillary Clinton, I think that would still be hard.”

“I think that might be John Kasich, (but) I don’t know,” Maddow said.