Donald Trump Interview “My father gave me ‘a small loan’ of $1 million to start out”

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump speaks with Matt Lauer and answers questions from New Hampshire voters in the latest installment of the “Today” show’s monthly “Pancakes & Politics” town hall series.

“I don’t think I have to do that. Everything I say, I can do. Everything I say, I will abide by,” he said. He said his promises, after a four-year term in office, would be legitimate. It won’t be like a “Bergdahl swap,” where the U.S. government secured the release of an American prisoner of war in exchange for releasing five Taliban prisoners.”I will abide by everything that I’m saying on the campaign trail.”

“It’s not been easy for me,” Trump said. “I started off in Brooklyn, my father gave me a small loan of $1 million. I came into Manhattan. I had to pay him back. I had to pay him back with interest. But I came into Manhattan, I started buying up properties. I did great.”

Eventually Today show host Matt Lauer interrupted to say what most of America was thinking.

“By the way, let’s just put this in perspective. You said that it hasn’t been easy for you, but my dad gave me a million dollar loan. That is probably going to seem pretty easy to a lot of people,” Lauer said.

Trump said, “You’re right. But a million dollars isn’t very much compared to what I built.”