Charles Koch At Morning Joe: We’re Headed for Disaster’ [VIDEO]

Charles Koch talks with Joe and Mika to discuss opposing George W. Bush, what motivates him politically, the 2016 GOP field and money in politics.

“I don’t care what party,” Koch said. “I just want somebody who’s is going to advance these ideas, to take us away from this two-tiered system, getting involved in all kinds of unproductive things.”

He lamented the activities of the Federal Reserve, out of control government spending, “counterproductive wars,” and allowing Fannie and Freddie to create a “corrupt system.” Koch also noted that the United States’ total debt and unfunded liabilities is likely over $100 trillion and still “going up to the sky.”

“We are headed for disaster,” he added.

When asked if he felt any 2016 candidates could be the answer, Koch replied, “Not in great measure.”