MSNBC Makes Three Separate Errors In One Graphic

MSNBC aired a graphic during All In w/ Chris Hayes showing the results of a recent Quinnipiac poll that was kind of worng.

MSNBC Manages to Shove Three Separate Errors Into One Graphic

1.The bar representing Donald Trump‘s polling numbers has Ben Carson‘s head next to it.
2.Meanwhile, Carson’s numbers are represented with Trump’s head.
3.While Ted Cruz‘s polling numbers are accurately represented with Cruz’s head, Marco Rubio‘s are represented with… a slightly different Cruz head. Guess MSNBC thinks they all look alike.
But hey, at least they got Bush right.

The erroneous graphic comes two weeks after MSNBC apologized for airing a graphic showing the changing Israeli-Palestinian borders that was riddled with errors. But the real kicker is that when the segment aired in the 11 o’clock hour, MSNBC had fixed the Rubio error in the graphic, but not Carson and Trump. So they went back, double-checked the graphic, and still missed two errors.