Protests Grow Against Donald Trump Hosting ‘SNL’ [VIDEO]

Protests Grow Against Trump Hosting SNLPressure continued to mount on NBC to cancel Donald Trump’s guest-host appearance on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” as a coalition of advocacy groups delivered petitions to the network in New York.

Protesters gathered outside NBCโ€™s New York City headquarters on Wednesday evening in an effort to have Donald Trump dropped from Saturday Night Live.

Holding printed signs with the message โ€œSNL โ€“ stop the hate โ€“ Dump Trumpโ€ demonstrators from several Latino organizations chanted for the network to disinvite the GOP frontrunner from the show.

This effort is likely to be in vein as the network is certainly going to count on the huge rating they expect from “The Donald’s” appearance. As we know about show business, it’s the ratings that counts and that all.

Trump is due to host SNL on Saturday.