Teflon Don: Trumps Poll Numbers Rise After Anti-Muslim Comments

trump poll cbsSeems nothing can hurt Donald Trump’s lead in the GOP race for the nomination. This has never happened before in the history of politics. Trump has been criticized by the Democrats, the media, and even the members of his own party including house speaker Paul Ryan. But notwithstanding this, his number have gone up in a recent poll.

In a recent CBS/NYT poll of likely Republican primary voters by phone from December 4-8. Here are the numbers at a glance:

Trump: 35%
Cruz: 16%
Carson: 13%
Rubio: 9%
Bush: 3%

What is troubling is what is underlying this seemingly untouchable Trump numbers. It is the American public’s attitude towards Trump’s comments and Muslims. In a poll by Bloomberg politics, 65% of Republicans agree with Trump’s ban on Muslims, this is the most troubling part about this whole dust up. Seems Trump is tapping into a bigoted vein running though the G.O.P.

bloomberg trump muslim ban