Al-Shabaab Uses Trump excerpt to Recruit: U.S. anti-Muslim [VIDEO]

An al Qaeda affiliate in Africa has used a video clip of presidential candidate Donald Trump in a recruitment video.

Al Shabaab, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia that is most known for carrying out deadly attacks there and in Kenya, released a 51-minute video calling on American Muslims to leave the country and join the violent terror group in east Africa, according to a copy of the video obtained and disseminated by SITE Intelligence Group.

The propaganda video shows a clip of Anwar al-Awlaki, a now-deceased al Qaeda figure killed by a drone strike in 2011, warning β€œMuslims of the west” that they are not welcome in places like the U.S.

β€œThere are ominous clouds gathering in your horizon,” he says. β€œYesterday, America was a land of slavery, segregation, lynching, and Ku Klux Klan, and tomorrow, it will be a land of religious discrimination and concentration camps.”

The video then cuts to a clip of Mr. Trump, speaking shortly after the Dec. 2, 2015 terror attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., when he proposed a temporary but β€œtotal and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S.”