Brit: Child in ISIS Video Is My Grandson [VIDEO]

Officials and reporters have begun identifying the people shown in a new Islamic State terror group video, including a small child and a London man named Sid who used to sell kids’ bouncy castles. A London man told reporters that the boy shown at the end of the video is his grandson. At the end of the video, the boy said, β€œWe are going to go kill the kafir [non-believers] over there.” Henry Dare said his daughter, the child’s mother, converted to Islam and left for Syria several years ago and is now being used for propaganda purposes by ISIS. The boy has appeared on a social-media account linked to his mother, including images showing him holding an AK-47. β€œI can’t disown him,” Dare told reporters. β€œHe’s my grandson. I know him very well.” The video, released over the weekend, showed the apparent murder of five men and was fronted by a masked man with a British accent. The adult male in the video was identified as Siddhartha Dhar, who worked for a firm that sold inflatable playsets and reportedly left the U.K. while out on bail after an arrest on suspicion of belonging to a banned group and encouraging terrorism.