Zuckerberg Plans to Build A.I. Assistant [VIDEO]

Mark Zuckerberg is trumping all New Year resolutions with his own goal this year: building an artificial-intelligence assistant. The Facebook CEO shared his 2016 goal in an online post Sunday. โ€œYou can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man,โ€ Zuckerberg said, referring to assistant who aids the Marvel Comics hero who serves as the alias of fictional billionaire Tony Stark. The CEO said the goal fits into his 2016 theme, which is invention. Zuckerberg plans to teach the A.I. to understand his voice, follow instructions for basic tasks, recognize faces of his friends, and monitor his newborn daughter Max. Zuckerberg has previously challenged himself to read a new book every other week, learn Mandarin, and meet a new person every day.