Colbert Taunts Trump’s Iowa Fail LOL [VIDEO]

Colbert started reporting that Democrat Hillary Clinton ended up beating Bernie Sanders by โ€œthree-tenths of one percent, or as itโ€™s known in Iowa, Carl.โ€ And on top of that, Clinton won six out of six tiebreaker coin tosses.
โ€œWith that kind of coin-flipping prowess, forget the Democrats. The Broncos should draft Hillary for the Super Bowl on Sunday,โ€ Colbert said. โ€œI mean, after all, I think she may be younger than Peyton Manning.โ€

More than anything else, Colbert was horrified by the new, conciliatory tone struck by Donald Trump after he came in second to Ted Cruz on the Republican side. โ€œWho are you and what have you done with Donald Trumpโ€™s body?โ€ he wanted to know. โ€œThis man is an imposter. I mean, that is clearly a wig.โ€