Obama Joins Stephen Colbert In Super Bowl Edition VIDEO

President Obama and Colbert talked about the game and how the whole thing was pre-taped ahead of time. Colbert said that he was obviously working hard to do a live television show and found it hard to believe that the show was pre-taped. That was until of course Stephen Colbert walked out next to Obama.

Somehow, however, Obama managed to congratulate the correct team for their win. “What?!” Colbert exclaimed. “This was a pre-tape! How could you possibly know that?!”

The answer is simple for fans of the “National Treasure” movies. “Stephen, I’m the President!” Obama explained “It turns out, all of the Super Bowl winners for the next 50 years are written on the back of the Constitution. That’s the plot of ‘National Treasure 3.’” Colbert couldn’t believe it, decrying that there is no “National Treasure 3.” But, of course, Obama has all of the answers tonight. “Ha! That’s what you think. There will be. The script is on the back of the Declaration of Independence.”

Obama attempted to throw the ball back but it made a hard left into another room in the White House where it hit the First Lady. She was not pleased asking who was throwing the ball in the White House. Obama pointed to Colbert and slowly backed away. The deadpan was fantastic.