Clinton & Trump Have Huge Election Night Wins [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton crushed hopes of a Bernie Sanders surge on a night of sweeping wins that saw her shift her gaze to the prospect of a bitter battle for the White House with Donald Trump.

As Clinton looked set to take all five states in the Democratic contest on Tuesday, Trump also tightened his grip on the Republican race, on the brink of winning four out of five contests and forcing Marco Rubio to suspend his campaign after inflicting a bruising defeat in his home state of Florida.

In the Democratic race, Sanders could not capitalise on last weekโ€™s surprise win in Michigan as Clinton won by a distance in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, before grinding out a much narrower win in Illinois. A recount in two small precincts of Jackson County left the Missouri race on a knife edge, with Clinton leading by just 1,531 votes with 99.9% of the votes in.