Florida Poll: Donald Trump Leads Marco Rubio [VIDEO]

Trump has the support of 38% of Florida’s likely GOP primary voters, compared to 30% who back Rubio, 17% for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and 10% for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. The snapshot of Florida comes before the state’s crucial 99-delegate, winner-take-all primary set for March 15. It’s a must-win for Rubio, who has fallen behind Trump and Cruz in the delegate race after taking only two of the first 20 Republican contests.

The poll undercuts the argument that Rubio could win if he faced Trump head-to-head: The real estate mogul leads a one-on-one race, 47% to 45%.

The poll shows Rubio leading among Floridians who have already cast their ballots in early voting, while Trump does better with those who haven’t voted yet.

Florida poll-Donald Trump leads Marco Rubio [VIDEO]