U.S. ISIS Recruit Tries to Blame Girl [VIDEO]

The American ISIS defector who has been described as a β€œgold mine” of intelligence says he followed a young woman to join the militant group, β€œwasn’t thinking straight,” and immediately regretted his decision. β€œOn the way there I regrettedβ€”I wanted to go back,” said Mohamad Jamal Khweis, 26. β€œI made a bad decision to go with the girl and go to Mosul.” Khweis, who was born in Virginia, smiled and chatted calmly during the recorded interview. β€œI don’t see them as good Muslims,” he said of the self-declared Islamic State. β€œI wanted to go back to America.” It’s not yet clear if he will be returned to the U.S. for questioning and prosecutionβ€”he is being held by Kurds in Iraq. Khweis was not a senior ISIS member, but officials say he can still provide details on how foreigners are recruited to fight for the militant group. β€œMy message to the American people is the life in Mosul, it’s really, really bad. The people [who] were controlling Mosul don’t represent the religion,” Khweis said.