Bernie Sanders: Hilary Not Qualified To Be President [VIDEO]

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders lashed out at rival and frontrunner Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, saying the former secretary of State is not qualified to be president. Speaking at a rally in Philadelphia, Sanders said that Clinton was unqualified because of her special-interest funding, support for trade deals, and her vote for the war in Iraq. The Vermont senator’s attack comes after Clinton questioned whether Sanders is truly a Democrat. Earlier Wednesday, Sanders took aim at Clinton during a CBS News interview when he was asked whether he should apologize to the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting for voting for a bill protecting gun manufacturers. “Maybe Secretary Clinton might want to apologize to the families who lost their loved ones in Iraq, or to the massive levels of destabilization we’re now seeing in that region,” Sanders fired back. Late Wednesday, Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon responded to Sanders’ attack, saying he reached “a new low.”