Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz Win Wisconsin [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz won the Republican primary in Wisconsin, while Bernie Sanders was declared the winner on the Democratic side in a tough night for the presidential frontrunners. With 99.9 percent of votes counted, the Texas senator defeated frontrunner Donald Trump 48-35; Sanders led Hillary Clinton 56-43. The Vermont senator has now won six out of the last seven contests. Cruz took at least 33 of the stateโ€™s delegates, while Trump nabbed at least three. In the Democratic contest, the delegates were split more evenly. Sanders captured at least 45, Clinton won at least 31. While Cruz doesnโ€™t have a strong chance of catching up to Trumpโ€™s delegate lead, his win makes a contested Republican convention all the more likely. For Sanders, who will likely finish in a closer contest with the former secretary of State, it remains almost impossible to catch her lead.