Brazil Votes to Impeach President Dilma Rousseff [VIDEO]

Brazilโ€™s lower house of congress voted impeach President Dilma Rousseff late Sunday, sending the decision to its senate, where she is expected to face a trial. The lower Chamber of Deputies voted the necessary two-thirds of support, or 342 of the 513 votes, to impeach Rousseff. The embattled president is accused of illegally using money from state-owned banks to mask a budget deficit. She has denied any wrongdoing. Jose Guimarรฃes, the leader of the Workers party in the lower house, conceded defeat with more than 80 votes still to be counted. โ€œThe fight is now in the courts, the street, and the senate,โ€ he said.โ€จ If the senate agrees to consider the motion, which is likely, Rousseff will be required to step aside for 180 days and her Workers party will be tentatively replaced by a center-right administration led by Vice President Michel Temer.