RNC Respond To Donald Trump’s ‘Rigged’ Allegations [VIDEO]

The Republican National Committee on Friday responded to Donald Trump’s recent criticism of the party’s nominating system after the GOP frontrunner failed to secure any delegates at Colorado’s convention last week. Trump recently blasted the process “rigged” and “unfair,” adding the RNC was trying to prevent him from winning the nomination. But in an early-morning memo, RNC Chief Strategist and Communications Director Sean Spicer argued the system was fair and blamed campaigns for failing to meet deadlines. “Campaigns have to know when absentee ballots are due, how long early voting lasts in certain states, or the deadlines for voter registration; the delegate rules are no different,” Spicer wrote. “Whether delegates are awarded through a primary, caucus, or convention, this process is democracy in action and driven by grassroots voters across the country.” Late Thursday, Trump penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed slamming Sen. Ted Cruz and the party over the Colorado outcome.