Bernie Sanders Tells Colbert To Never Give Up [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night and helped Stephen retrieve a candy bar that was stuck in a vending machine. In the opening segment of the show, the Senator from Vermont assured Colbert that there was no reason to give up on his delicious treat. Unfortunately, the late night host didn’t share the same feelings about Bernie’s chances of becoming the Democratic nominee for president.

Senator Sanders was hopeful about his ability to win the West Virginia Primary on Tuesday, but Colbert pointed out it might not matter due to the delegate math being against Bernie. That didn’t seem to bother Sanders who made the connection to Colbert’s candy conundrum saying that he had to “rock the system” just like Colbert needed to rock the vending machine to get his candy bar loose.

In the end, Colbert finally got his 100 Grand bar and then Bernie hilariously asked if they could share it.