Clashes at May Day Protest in Seattle [VIDEO]

Seattle Police said nine people were arrested and five officers injured during clashes Sunday with anti-capitalist protesters following their otherwise-peaceful annual May Day march. Law-enforcemtent authorities said one officer was treated for a head laceration from a rock while another was injured by a Molotov cocktail, though he wasn’t burned. Another was reportedly bitten during the fracas. Police also dispersed pepper spray and used blast balls to try to disperse the crowd Sunday night. Protesters reportedly threw rocks and bricks and shot flares at officers; the violence was deemed by officials as less severe than previous years’ demonstrations. Dozens of people clad in black convened on a downtown park after advocates for workers and immigrants participated in a peaceful afternoon march. The anti-capitalist group, which was not authorized to convene, marched through the streets with signs, including one that read, β€œWe are ungovernable.”