Colbert Mocks Trump’s Coal Miners Love [VIDEO]

Trump told a crowd full of people not to worry about voting Tuesday in the West Virginia primary. “Save your vote for the general,” Trump told the audience, obviously, forgetting that there are more elections than his.

“Yes! It’s an inspiring message,” Colbert mocked. “It reminds me of Patrick Henry’s immortal battle cry, ‘Give me liberty, or don’t. Forget this one. I don’t give a crap.’”

Trump followed the audience’s requests to put on the West Virginia Coal Association hardhat and then he pretended to shovel coal. “Wow, he really looks like a miner. Right down to that orange soot all over his face from years in the Dorito mines. And I’m sure all the coal miners there related to this motion,” Colbert said mocking Trump’s attempt at pantomiming a shovel. “Then they go out after work and play lacrosse.”