Donald Trump Meet With Paul Ryan & Senate GOP Leaders [VIDEO]

Ryan describes agreement with Trump on ‘core principles’. Ryan said he sounded Trump out on his views on abortion, “limited government”, “the constitution”, and “executive power” and he found broad agreement.

The conversation was “personal,” Ryan said, suggesting that he probed for Trump’s heartfelt views on issues such as opposing reproductive choice, a position to which Trump is a relatively recent arrival.

“We talked about life, the supreme court,” Ryan said. “I was very encouraged with what I heard from Donald Trump today.

“We are planting the seed to get ourselves unified to bridge the gaps and differences,” he said.

“It was our first meeting. I was very encouraged, but this is a process, it takes a little time.

“There are policy disputes that we will have. There’s no two ways about it. But on core principles, those are the kinds of things that we discussed.

“In 45 minutes, you don’t litigate all of the issues and all of the processes and the principles.”