Kidnapped Soccer Player Tells About His Escape [VIDEO]

Mexican star soccer striker Alan Pulido has been rescued after his Saturday night kidnapping, authorities said early Tuesday. Officials said Pulido, who has played for Mexico’s national team and is on Greece’s Olympiacos club, managed to call a police emergency line after an altercation with one of the kidnappers in Ciudad Victoria, the restive capital of drug-cartel battleground Tamaulipas state. State prosecutor Ismael Quintanilla told reporters, “After midnight last night, there was a phone call to 066 from soccer player Alan Pulido and in a moment of carelessness by his captors in the place where he was, he was able to make a phone call asking for help, and giving [his] location.” Pulido wounded his hand after he broke a glass door during his escape, which was aided by local and federal officials. Quintanilla said that Pulido had been examined by medical staff, including psychologists.