Iran: ‘Ramadan Terror Plot’ On Tehran Foiled

Iran 'Ramadan Terror Plot' On Tehran FoiledIran says it has thwarted what it describes as “one of the biggest plots” by terror groups targeting Tehran and other major Iranian cities over the holy month of Ramadan.

The country’s Ministry of Intelligence released a statement Monday saying it had unearthed “criminal plans” by “Takfiri Wahhabi” for a series of bombings across Iran specifically targeting religious events planned for coming days.
“But thanks to the efforts of the unnamed soldiers of Imam Zaman (intelligence officers) in Tehran and other provinces, the satanic efforts of the takfiris were neutralized, the terrorists were arrested and a great deal of explosives were confiscated,” the statement read.
A “Takriri” is a derogatory term used to describe a Muslim who accuses another Muslim of being a non-believer, while Wahhabism is a strict form of Sunni Islam, with followers that include ISIS and al Qaeda.