Joe Biden Went Hard After Racist Trump’s Attacks On Judge [VIDEO]

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the same event that Elizabeth Warren roast Donald Trump and raised the alarm about he’s attacks on the judge in the Trump U case.

Biden brought up how––in trashing the judge––Trump said, β€œWe’ll come back in November. Wouldn’t that be wild if I’m president and I come back to do a civil case?”

Biden said there’s no other way to take than a β€œdirect threat” to a independent branch of government, signaling that the GOP nominee views the judiciary as β€œa tool for him to manipulate” so he can do what he wants.

He said Trump would be abusing his power and if he does what he threatens, it β€œwould border on an impeachable offense.”

β€œIn addition to this, it is racist!” Biden declared. β€œBut it’s not the racism that frightens me, we’ve dealt with racists before. It’s the potential impact on the court.”