Listen 911 Call: Daughters Beg Mom Not to Shoot

Listen 911 Call Daughters Beg Mom Not to ShootThe Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday released the recordings of a 911 call during a fatal shooting involving a Texas mother and her two daughters. Minutes later, her two daughters lay dead in the street. “Please forgive me, I’m sorry,” Madison Sheats, 17, said to her mom. “Please don’t shoot, I’m sorry. Please don’t point that gun at us.” The shooter’s husband, Jason Sheats, said: “I promise you, whatever you want, I’ll …” and then the call dropped off. Christy Byrd Sheats, 42, called a family meeting at their home before opening fire on the girls. She chased them out of the house and then stood over them as she looked for more bullets, officials said. She returned inside the house and reloaded, before firing another shot into one of the girls’ backs. Police eventually shot her. Sheats’ daughters, Madison and Taylor, 22, died of gunshot wounds.