Muhammad Ali Dead at 74

120117065443-muhammad-ali-1963-horizontal-large-galleryThe world is mourning the death of boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, who has died aged 74 after being admitted to a hospital in Pheonix on Thursday. Ali had suffered from Parkinson’s syndrome since 1984. His condition was complicated by a respiratory illness.

In Louisville, the mayor will appear at Metro Hall 10am EDT to lower flags to half-staff – they will remain in that state until Ali is laid to rest. Mourners are encouraged to meet at the Hall.

An announcement over funeral arrangements will be made late on Saturday. Ali will be buried in Louisville, according to local media.
Messages from around sport have continued to pour in – from the footballer Yaya TourΓ© to the NBA commissioner Adam Silver – and US presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have also paid tribute.