Nancy Grace Leaving HLN After 12 Years

Nancy Grace Leaving HLNNancy Grace will be leaving HLN in October, after 12 years with the network. The 56-year-old announced the move Thursday to her staff of 18. Grace began her TV career in the late 1990s while co-hosting Court TV with Johnnie Cochran. A new series will replace her 8 p.m. timeslot and “utilize the expertise of the current team,” The Hollywood Reporter writes. Grace told a reporter that she felt “really mixed” about the new step and that she’s been considering the decision for at least three years. Grace said she has no plans to quit working and that her next move will have “a very large digital component.” She added, “I will always be wedded to a traditional platform—which is TV, God help me. My plan is to merge those two in an effective way, in my voice, the ‘anti-crime’ voice.”