21 Cops Injured, 102 Arrested in MN Protests [VIDEO]

Protests in St. Paul on Saturday night against the recent police shooting of Philando Castile erupted into violence, with 21 police officers injured and more than 100 people arrested. On Sunday, police announced that one officer had suffered a spinal fracture in the chaos. Protesters brought I-94 to a standstill for several hours late Saturday, despite police efforts to break up the crowds. In the ensuing melee, protesters threw fireworks, rocks, bricks, and glass bottles at police. One police officer suffered a fractured spine when a concrete block was dropped on his head, St. Paul police said. Fifty protesters were arrested and charged with third-degree rioting on I-94, while another 52 were taken in for unlawful assembly at Grand and Dale. After being dispersed, many of the protesters moved to the governor’s mansion, where demonstrations have continued since Castile was fatally shot by police on July 6, the latest in a string of police shootings of young black men.