Dallas Police Killed Suspect With Robotic Explosive [VIDEO]

Dallas police β€œtook out” one of the suspects behind the deadly attack on its officers Thursday night using a robotic explosive device, the city’s mayor told CNN early Friday. β€œWe were able to take out one of the suspects, who had been cornered in the garage, with an explosive device,” Mayor Mike Rawlings said. β€œWe’ve got other possible suspects that we’re interviewing. They’re not being real cooperative at this point. We’ve called in a lot of people to make sure that we’ve got all the background material we need.” Rawlings also indicated that the deceased suspect was a male; and that another suspect is a female. In a press conference, Dallas police chief David Brown confirmed, β€œThe male suspect was killed by the bomb,” adding that, during the standoff, he stated β€œhe wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”