NEW VIDEO: Different Angle Of Alton Sterling’s Shooting

New video released Wednesday showed Baton Rouge police appear to remove a gun from Alton Sterling’s pocket after shooting the man multiple times as he lay on his back.
The new footage of the fatal shooting, which is under federal investigation, was provided by Triple S Food Mart owner Abdullah Muflahi to multiple media outlets.
Sterling, 37, was fatally shot early Tuesday by police after what authorities described as an altercation. He had been selling CDs outside the convenience store, and officers responded after receiving a 911 call that a man with a gun had threatened someone in the parking lot.
A bystander’s video of the shooting, however, showed officers pinning Sterling to the ground before the first shot was fired at close range.
“He’s got a gun, gun,” one officer can be heard shouting. “If you fucking move, I swear…”