Sexual Predator Roger Ailes Will Reportedly Resign or Be Sacked From Fox News

13-roger-ailes-rupert-murdoch.w529.h352Sparked by allegations of sexual harassment, Fox News’ parent company 21st Century Fox began an investigation into the management style of Roger Ailes. They moved interviews off site, out of fear that the Fox offices were bugged. The investigation β€œhas expanded into a wide-ranging inquiry.”

Ailes will be given a chance to resign or be fired, according the re port. The only issue up for debate is when. Roger Ailes is reportedly a goner, ‘the walking dead’ at Fox, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

The Gretchen Carlson lawsuit was bad for Fox, but the dozens of women who have come forward to tell similar stories about the sexual harassment that they faced from the Fox News boss was the push that sent Ailes off the cliff.

Source: NYMag