A Man Scaled Trump Tower In Manhattan Using Suction Cups [VIDEO]

A Man Scaled Trump Tower In Manhattan Using Suction CupsA man using suction cups scaled Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, prompting a large police response.
Hours later, New York Police Department officers removed the windows above him and snatched him out of the air.
At a news conference after the incident, police officials said the climber was a 20-year-old man from Virginia who traveled to New York City Tuesday and stayed in a hotel overnight.
Police did not provide the manโ€™s name, saying only that he โ€œpreviously went by one name and now he goes by another name.โ€
Officials said they worked to prevent the manโ€™s progress up the building by removing window panes. That eventually limited him to ascending a single, narrow piece of glass โ€” which, police said, could have cracked under his weight.
As the man climbed onto that piece of glass, New York Police Detective Williams grabbed him and pulled him into the building.
โ€œI reached out and took hold of his hand and said, โ€˜Sir, you need to come with me,โ€™โ€ Williams told reporters Wednesday evening.
Once the man was inside the building, he surrendered peacefully and was arrested, Williams said. Police then took the man to a hospital for a psychological evaluation.