Donald Trump Jr.: Mass Deportation Still On [VIDEO]

Donald Trump Jr. insists that his father is not “softening” his stance on illegal immigration. In an interview with Anderson Cooper set to air Tuesday evening, the Republican presidential candidiate’s son said, “He wasn’t softening on anything. He didn’t change his stance on anything.” Addressing an informal poll Trump appeared to take with Sean Hannity’s Fox News audience last week, Trump Jr. added, “He basically surveyed the room and asked, ‘Hey, what are your thoughts on this, I want to take that, because I want to take into account what the people say.’”
When Cooper suggested that by polling the room Trump seemed “not quite sure what his own policy is,” Trump Jr. said his father’s policy “has been the same for the last you know, six, seven, eight months.” Asked if this still means all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. will be deported under a Trump presidency, Trump Jr. said, “That’s been the same, correct. But again, you have to start with baby steps. You have to let ICE do their job, you have to eliminate sanctuary cities, you have to get rid of the criminals certainly first, and, foremost, you have to secure the border.”