Earth-Like Planet Discovered Close to Solar System

Earth-Like Planet Discovered Close to Solar SystemIn an article published by Nature World News on Wednesday, researchers announced the discovery of a new β€œEarth-like” planet orbiting a star not far from our sun. The planet has not been named yet, but was found circling the star Proxima Centauriβ€”a β€œcool, tiny red dwarf” scientists have long suspected might be capable of having a planet in its orbit. The unnamed planet, known as Proxima b, is reported to orbit within Proxima Centauri’s β€œhabitable zone” and is a only a short distance of 4.25 light-years away from Earth. Scientists estimate the planet receives enough radiation to retain a surface temperature of around -40Β° Fahrenheit. Based on what is known about other red dwarf star planets, Proxima b is likely rocky and has one side constantly left in darkness. Scientists are unsure whether it is in fact capable of supporting alien life, but it is believed it could have a surface β€œcapable of holding liquid water” and sustaining life forms.