In Italy, Death Toll From Earthquake Rises To At Least 247 [VIDEO]

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake that rocked central Italy early Wednesday morning has killed at least 247 people, injured 368, and destroyed buildings in several towns in the provinces of Umbria and Lazio, according to Italian officials. “Half the town no longer exists,” Sergio Pirozzi, mayor of Amatrice, said on national TV. “There are people stuck in the rubble … Houses are no longer there.” Damage and power outages were also reported as far away as Italy’s east coast and in coastal Lazio, south of Rome. Along with Amatrice, the towns of Accumoli and Norcia were also badly damaged. The epicenter of the shallow quake, identified as a 6.2 magnitude temblor by the U.S. Geological Survey and 6.1 by the European Mediterranean Seismological Center, was about 100 miles northeast of Rome.