Poll: Clinton Leads Trump By 7 Points After Convention

Poll Clinton leads Trump by 7 points after conventionRecent CBS News national poll shows that Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by seven percentage points, 46 percent to 39 percent. Clinton’s seven-point lead comes just one week after last week’s poll, in which she and Trump were tied at 42. Since then, Clinton’s support among poll respondents grew by four points while Trump’s dropped by three.

The Democratic convention also offered Clinton a substantial bounce to her favorability numbers: The number of respondents who said they had positive views of Clinton climbed to 36 percent from 31 percent a week ago. Similarly, the number of respondents who said they viewed the former secretary of state unfavorably dropped six points, from 56 percent to 50 percent, in the wake of the Philadelphia convention.

More than half of those who responded to the poll said they hold an unfavorable opinion of Trump, while just 31 percent said they view him favorably, down three points from his own post-convention bounce a week ago.