Texas Pilot Identified In Hot Air Balloon Crash That Killed 16 [VIDEO]

Police said the pilot of the Texas hot air balloon that crashed, killing 16 people on Saturday, had been arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2000. He pleaded guilty to that charge in 2002. The crash near Austin is being heavily investigated, the AP reports. The news agency also writes that the Better Business Bureau reportedly warned consumers against doing business with the pilot, Alfred “Skip” Nichols, 49, after they received complaints about his company. According to the initial investigation, the balloon reportedly hit high-tension power lines before it crashed into a pasture. Two passengers, a newlywed couple, posted social media photos at sunrise and of themselves in the basket shortly before the crash. Nichols’ friends and family identified him to the press. Authorities have not publicly named the victims of the crash, though several local reports have begun naming those who were allegedly in the balloon.