Trump: Clinton Is Brainwashed, Unfit for Office

Trump Clinton Is Brainwashed, Unfit for OfficeRepublican nominee Donald Trump tore into Hillary Clinton on Saturday, seizing on an interview with Clinton aired Friday to say the Democratic presidential nominee is “brainwashed” and unfit for office. In comments on Twitter, Trump said, “Crooked Hillary said loudly, and for the world to see, that she ‘SHORT CIRCUITED’ when answering a question on her e-mails. Very dangerous!” he wrote, using a word that many top security officials have used to describe him recently. Calling Clinton a “pathological liar,” he said, “Anybody whose mind ‘SHORT CIRCUITS’ is not fit to be our president! Look up the word ‘BRAINWASHED.’” Trump also described Clinton as a “security risk,” once again echoing a phrase that has been used repeatedly by top officials to warn that Trump himself should not become president.