Trump Models: We Were Told to Lie About Immigration Status

Trump Models We Were Told to Lie About Immigration StatusDespite building his presidential campaign on fears of foreign labor stealing Americansโ€™ jobs, Donald Trumpโ€™s modeling agency allegedly forced foreign models to work illegally in the United States, often under โ€œsweatshopโ€-like conditions. According to a Mother Jones report, at least three non-citizen Trump models were employed by the agency without the proper work visasโ€”two of whom said they were encouraged by Trump Model Management to purposely deceive Customs officials about why they were visiting the United States and to lie about their intended place of stay. In an interview, Canadian-born model Rachel Blais said that Trumpโ€™s agency is โ€œthe most crooked agency Iโ€™ve ever worked for, and Iโ€™ve worked for quite a few,โ€ and several others recalled cramped, overcrowded housing conditions and the companyโ€™s insistence on charging high rent for the model dormitories. โ€œIt is like modern-day slaveryโ€ Blais added.