5 Dead in Mall Shooting, Suspect On the Run [VIDEO]

5 Dead in Mall Shooting, Suspect On the RunFive people were killed in a shooting at Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington on Friday night, and police have launched a manhunt for the suspected shooter. Four women died at the scene, and a fifth victim, a man, later died in the hospital. Police say they believe there was only one shooter, who was described as a Hispanic male wearing a black T-shirt. Witnesses said the man walked into a Macy’s armed with a rifle and immediately began firing at shoppers. Police evacuated the shopping center amid panic and confusion. One witness, Armando Patino, was cited by CNN as saying, โ€œOut of nowhere I just hear somebody yell and then after that, I turn around and just look at the Macy’s and I just hear shots,โ€ Patino said. โ€œI hear one shot and then stand kinda still and like two three other people start running out saying, โ€˜gun.โ€™โ€ The shooting occurred at around 7 p.m., though as of midnight, police said the area was still an active scene and warned people to stay away. Police brought in K-9 units to search the mall for the shooter, and the FBI office in Seattle said it was helping with the investigation.