New CNN Poll: Trump Pulls Ahead Of Clinton

CNN New PollTrump Pulls Ahead Of ClintonDonald Trump is ahead of Hillary Clinton by about 2 percentage points in a survey of likely voters in a new national CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday. Trump is leading Clinton 45 percent to 43 percent, with the other candidates trailing much further behind. Gary Johnson is at 7 percent among likely voters, while Jill Stein at just 2 percent. In the past few months, both major party candidates held significant leads in the polling, but the most recent showed Clinton ahead. Following the Democratic National Convention, Clinton had an 8-point lead among national voters in another CNN/ORC survey. Most voters still expect to see Clinton win in November, according to CNN. However, a Washington Post survey also published Tuesday shows how tough it will be for Trump to convert national polling into votes in the Electoral College. The SurveyMonkey study shows Clinton is outperforming national averages in a number of crucial states, and even the once solid-red Texas could be in play.