Howard Stern: Trump Supported Iraq War in 2002

Howard SternTrump Supported Iraq War in 2002Radio shock-jock Howard Stern this week addressed for the first time his 2002 interview with Donald Trump, during which the current GOP nominee expressed his support for the impending Iraq War. β€œI was up late watching the debate,” Stern said of Monday evening’s presidential debate, during which the controversial interview was cited. β€œI hung in until about 10:30 almost, heard my name mentioned, and I went to sleep. It was kinda thrilling.” He continued: β€œIt always comes up because, you know, Trump was on our show years ago and said yeah, you know, he was kind of for the Iraq war, us going into Iraq.” Trump has repeatedly claimed to have been an opponent of the war before its start, but no evidence supports such an assertion. The earliest record of him expressing opposition to the invasion was several months after it had begun.