Matt Lauer Ignores Trump’s Lies [VIDEO]

Matt Lauer Ignores Trump’s Lies [VIDEO]NBC host didn’t challenge Trump’s false claims about Iraq and Libya.
Donald Trump did not oppose the Iraq War from the beginning. In September 2002, the month before then-Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) voted in favor of the congressional authorization to use force in Iraq, Trump went on Howard Stern’s radio show and said he supported sending troops in.
“Are you for invading Iraq?” Stern asked in a clip unearthed by BuzzFeed.
“Yeah, I guess so,” Trump said.
There is no record of Trump saying anything else publicly about the Iraq War before the invasion.
Bu throughout his presidential campaign, Trump has repeatedly said he opposed the war from the start. He’s repeated the lie so many times that some have seemingly lost sight of the fact it’s not true.
One of these people is apparently NBC’s Matt Lauer, host of tonight’s NBC Commander-in-Chief forum. After a half-hour of directing relentlessly negative questions at Hillary Clinton, Lauer let Trump lie about his Iraq war positions without attempting to correct the record.